Srividhya is a senior manager in a Fortune 10 company. She has had global leadership roles in business strategy, technology and supply chain. She is a trained financial analyst and cost accountant. Srividhya started her career in the NSE.

Sairam is a self-taught investor. He is passionate about analyzing businesses and how they make money. Sairam started investing in the markets in his late teens. He is a technology expert also with a Fortune 10 company.

Sairam and Srividhya are keen investors. They have been successfully investing in the stock market for over fifteen years.  In this blog they will share their thoughts on personal finance and investing The authors live in Chennai with their beautiful children Abhinav and Shambavi.



All information in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advise. The authors are not liable for any decisons taken on the basis of information provided in this blog. For investment advise please contact a SEBI registered investment advisor